What death takes and leaves behind…

May 29, 2015

Because  I am  again working with several clients in grief and the subject has come up a lot lately, as anniversaries birthdays etc tend to  bring with them a renewed  sense of loss, and sadness, I thought I’d update the blog I wrote several years before. There have been more losses since I wrote that blog; Rhonda is no longer with us in physical form, and many others who I have had the blessing of knowing and being close to. Grief lives as long as we do, it changes in face and character, as well as in its impact on us and how we deal with it. It can take the wind out of our functional and spiritual sails and a great deal of our life energy for awhile. However, unless we allow it to,  it does not take away the fact that we still have much to live for, including all the love that was left to us to give and receive.

Insights, all about you and your inner and outer world

 Death is, as we all know the inevitableat some point, and we usually accept it, albeit reluctantly, at the end of a long life, and hopefully it comes without suffering and fear. However it also comes after a long painful illness, or unexpectedly via accident, sometimes from violence and in other shocking and tragic ways.  However and whenever it comes, it leaves a veil of grief that makes it difficult to see life as we have known it. We are changed by it and so are our lives and our world. In and of itself grief creates myriad emotional and physical reactions; we feel un-grounded, as though we too are disembodied. At times we become caught up in the throes of indescribable emotional hurt; we’re tossed about on waves that come unexpectedly to sweep away our sense of equilibrium, causing confusion, anxiety as well as physical pain.

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