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Hypnotherapy for relief from depression

Contrary to popular opinion, depression isn’t a 'bad day', and it's not another word for feeling blue. Anyone who has ever experienced depression knows this very well. Depression is, unarguably,... read more

Hypnotherapy for relationship issues

Hypnotherapy is a much more comfortable solution for relationship issues than couples’ therapy, self-help books, or worse: divorce. Studies have shown hypnotherapy has produced positive success with struggling couples, friends,... read more

Hypnosis for addictions

If you are struggling with an addiction, hypnotherapy may be your answer! Whether it be opioids, food, or any other addiction, hypnotherapy has improved many patients’ lives. Dr. Elaine Kissel ... read more

Hypnosis to treat OCD

Are you tormented by the demands of an obsessive compulsive disorder? Is your mind overcome with the irony of bondage to rituals in order to get any peace of mind?... read more

Hypnotherapy for phobias and irrational fears

Are you worn out trying to understand or cope with irrational fears and phobias? For those of you with irrational fears, you understand. You understand that sometimes we can't pinpoint... read more

Dr. Elaine Kissel Hypnotherapy Services

Renowned hypnotherapist Dr. Elaine Kissel, Ph.D. has been practicing since 1977. Dr. Kissel is long-recognized as having one of the country's most successful hypnotherapy practices and now makes the sought-after... read more

Are you ready to heal from embarrassment There is now a way available to you.

So many of my blog readers have asked for my help to overcome the painful impact of embarrassment. It has happened over and over and probably will continue to happen; life... read more

Survival; tactics; tips to survive in the mad world you live in.

Survival tactics. In the next few blogs I’m going to give you some simple yet effective survival tactics. Two in this one. With details that will can save your life! Some of the... read more

Dr. Kissel on Dreams

Q. I attended your dream workshop. I am very sure that people will want to hear just how very important your dreams really are. - Donna Lopatka DR. KISSEL RESPONDS: It is... read more

The dangers of cell phones revealed. An Interesting case history. Your Mind Is Willing, and more.

Do cell phones cause cancer? The fact that we are all exposed to EMF radiation from the devices we use has caused deep concern for many consumers and researchers alike. Some... read more

Your Mind Is Willing.Your spirits are too.

The old saying that the mind is willing but the flesh is weak is one I’ve heard said many times, haven’t you? We have also heard it said that the... read more

To open or not to open, that is the question.

Look before you leap, and/or delete Are you inundated with emails? I get at least 100 emails a day, many from my clients, past and present; those are to be responded... read more

How to find balance in a topsy-turvy world.

How to find balance in a topsy-turvy world. Plus when a life hangs in the balance…..? I often wonder when we speak of finding balance in our lives what that actually means... read more

A matter of life and death

A Matter of Life and Death: Flossie’s story. One of my clients, a cancer patient said to me, “I now believe God has given me the power through my own mind to... read more

Ten ways to improve your focus and concentration

In today’s world distractions are more prolific than ever. Many people tell me that they go on their computer to do one thing and end up being diverted from their... read more

The other ninty nine percent.

The old saying that creativity is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration is true, as any writer or artist knows from experience. Not that it’s always an effort. At... read more

Are you stressed Here’s how to begin un-stressing.

Everyone knows that stress is not just miserable to deal with; there are many miseries as a result of it. There are so many different kinds of stress and so... read more

We had dinner with the wolves. Pictures included

On Sunday April 6th my husband Don and I had dinner with the wolves. Yes, that’s right. An experience that words alone cannot describe, although I’ll do my best as... read more

The ingredients for success herein: Vital tips for those who’ve made new years resolutions.

Success is at hand. Okay, so all the holiday hullabaloo is quieted down, and the New Year has begun, ideally well for you. So now let’s get down to the business... read more

Wishful thinking… versus the true power of your mind…pictures herein prove it

I wish you and yours fulfillment of all of your hopes and dreams, safe travels, good health and prosperity, not just during the holiday season, always. Yet I know all... read more

Have you had an embarrassing moment � by popular demand

The blog Have you had an embarrassing moment attracts more readers than any other since I began blogging. So I’m reprinting it herein in case you didn’t read it before... read more

Truth or consequences?

In the last week’s sessions with clients the issue of vulnerability came up came up a lot. Some would call it coincidence. Carl Jung called it Synchronicity. I’ve experienced it... read more

Equality issues.

We are all created equal according to the American constitution and in the eyes of the law; supposedly, anyway. It’s believed that we are equals in the eyes of the... read more

The case of the mysterious lost and found

Please note important addendum to this post * Have you ever heard the expression, “You can’t see for looking?” I have, and so have many people I know who’ve complained about... read more

Survival tacics number 3

A million dollar method: It is one of the links in the chain of command I teach my Mind Mastery students. I’m giving away free because it truly is a life... read more

Are you worried Here’s the cure.

Always Worry and how to eliminate it. Do you worry? Most people I meet in my practice report worries of various kinds, including health, relationships, family issues, money, job/work insecurities, and much... read more

I told you so!

“I told you so!” Do you squirm inside with annoyance, even feel angry when someone says that to you? Probably more so when it’s said with a self-righteous attitude or there’s... read more

WARNING! You are under the influence of subliminal suggestion. Here’s how to negate it.

Do you realize that subliminal suggestion is adding to your stress and influencing your choices? I won’t reiterate what I wrote last year on the subject of how to cope with... read more

Human Versus Humane, part two

“Human versus Humane” I often wonder what the reason is we use the word “humane’ to describe respectful decent caring and kind treatment of animals and humans. After all, all too... read more

Human versus humane…part one … a close encounter with elephant kind.

Human…humane? Part one: A close encounter with an elephant. An example of human nature versus nature. A few weeks ago my husband said he had a surprise for me. I’d just finished reading... read more

Hear ye hear ye

I’m on the air again. Getting the word out is easy in today’s media rich world. In fact, we are inundated through the airways and cable with information, some important and... read more

Experience… a good or bad teacher

Of course we learn from experience, more often our own than that of our elders and society’s wise and well-known; even though the advice and guidance is given in plenty... read more

Judge not….

Just the other day one of my clients made a deprecating remark about an obese individual, it was critical, judgmental, and most unkind. I asked him, who also happens to... read more

For seekers of the truth

Are you a truth seeker? I’ve been one as long as I can remember. However, this blog isn’t about what is true and what’s not true. It’s about the word... read more

Embarrassed again!!!

The blog Have you had an embarrassing moment attracts more readers than any other since I began blogging. So I’m reprinting it herein in case you didn’t read it before... read more

A beautiful story

This time of year many spiritually oriented stories are told, in churches, synagogues, and while people sit in front of their fireplaces or around the Christmas tree or Hanukkah candles,... read more

Peace … and some quiet, please!

Peace on earth and goodwill to all…a phrase heard more often this time of year. I hope wish and pray for it, don’t you? And, I’d like to add … please,... read more

Can you keep a secret

” Can you keep a secret?” Braedin tells her sister, Layna Rose a secret. Photo by Deborah Kunnath. What is it about the word Secret that gets the alert attention of almost everyone?... read more

It is what it is. Is it really And answers to the photo puzzle

I keep hearing the phrase, “it is what it is,” spoken by so many people. Its become a popular idiom. It seems that in making a statement of fact about what... read more

911… the ever aftermath…and a photo quiz.

911…The ever aftermath. How did you feel while you viewed the 911 ceremonies? I’m sure you felt the loss, the deep and immeasurable sadness as I did. I could not watch... read more

Through the eye of the lens

September 5, 2011If you enjoy taking pictures you know the power photographs have to take you back to those special moments that would otherwise be lost amid the trillions of... read more

I’ve got some questions for you about friendship…

Before reading on,, complete thefollowing sentences. Friends are A good friend is I expect my friends’ to The most important attribute of a friend is Friends are important to Having had many emails from people concerned... read more

Family matters… are your family ties tangled

My husband Don often gives me ideas for my blog; since he has been reflecting a great deal lately on the concept of family he asked If I’d writemy thoughts... read more

How to face your fears

conscious mind wants to argue with the message; this can lead to disaster, as Gavin De Becker warns. And you know from experience when you haven’t heeded a warning from... read more

To forgive or not to forgive, that is the question.. and how?

 Seldom does a therapy day pass without my needing to help my clients work through and heal from anger and pain about things that have happened to them so that... read more

Are you paying breath tax?

 Breath is life… The moment you are born you need to fill your lungs with air, if you don’t, you get a smack on the bottom to get you to cry which... read more

bewildered, bemused, confused…no wonder!

Are your conscious and subconscious mind in tune?  I’m not on a soap box here… or am I? There are so many mixed messages given from just about every conceivable source it’s hard... read more

What death takes and leaves behind…

Death is, as we all know the inevitable at some point, and we usually accept it, albeit reluctantly, at the end of a long life, and hopefully it comes without... read more

Read any good books lately? I have…

After almost 70 years of being an avid reader, not only of fiction, and what was required during all levels of my education and my independent studies, over the years... read more

Danger…are you trying the impossible?

Danger!…  trying to please and make everyone happy! Denise* sat in my therapy room weeping. She was suffering the painful consequences of attempting to be everywhere and do everything she thought people expected of her. All... read more

How to be happy in 2011 and always

This blog may be somewhat longer than usual, however, it is worth your while to take it  all in, that is if you want to be happy in 2011 and always. I know that you... read more

Free gifts you can to give yourself and others

Even my heart felt “thank you” doesn’t feel enough at times for me to express gratitude, and I don’t mean just for holiday season gifts, I mean for those that... read more

I wish, you wish, we all wish…

Wishing…  I wish, geez… how often do I hear that phrase? I hear myself think it often and I even hope and pray as well for peace on earth, good will... read more

get ready, get set…don’t go yet

News year’s resolutions – making positive changes. This is not just a seasonal subject. All year-long people think about shedding that extra weight, and like those who smoke or have other negative... read more

Poetry rhyme and reason for the holiday season

I have a client who writes a great deal of poetry, and has shared many of his cute and sometimes profound creations with me. He has reminded me, with his... read more

After the razzle dazzle hustle bustle of the holidays…

What are you left with after the razzle dazzle and hustle bustle of the holiday seasons? Good and not so good memories?  Within this blog I am offereing you ways of how... read more

By popular request, some common sense refreshers for healthy holiday cheer …not too late I hope!

Several people have come to me to deal with the holiday blues and stresses. It’s obvious that some people need to have their common sense refreshed. Others have asked me why I  haven’t blogged... read more

Reality check…

Reality check!  In today’s world of Photo-shopped and computer generated images and animations that imitate life with incredible realism, how do we know what is real?   Technological advances in the field of... read more

Unarticulated needs

You, like many people may have many un-articulated needs that get expressed through nervousness, irritability, impatience and intolerance…depression as well as anxiety…or a longing for something, yet not knowing exactly what it... read more

Embarrassing moments …being imperfect…how to get over it.

 Embarrassment is one of the most stressful of human experiences, and seems to be hard for people to get over.  People slip and fall, stumble on words, forget names and faces,... read more

Music and Mind

 When you listen to music, what’s going on in your mind? Are you focused on the music and nothing else? Or does your mind flood with recognizable associations with it… or... read more

Close calls … then what?

Before I go into the subject of the heading … my last blog challenged you to come up with a list of things that humans have invented that have no potential for deliberate... read more

This includes a little mind teaser

 My husband Don and I were talking one morning this week about the frustrations that technology brings with it along with its wonderful benefits. I had been telling him how my sister Carolyn  in... read more

Mental hiccups and mind glitches

…. anyone can get them. Have you ever, when writing something down questioned the spelling of a word you have spelled correctly so many times before? Have you noticed that once you... read more

Size matters: size is as size does

 Have you ever thought about the role size plays when it comes to the power, significance and/or importance, or even the value of… well, anything?  I am referring here to... read more

Survival … what it takes…

The subject is survival…..  I have always been in awe of the ability of human beings to withstand diabolical pain and suffering, to elude death and come through their challenges whole... read more

The Imposter Syndrome…are you feeling for real?

 He sat facing me, rubbing his hands together, a deep frown on his face, his voice shaky as his words came out in staggered sentences.“It’s getting almost impossible to show... read more

Oh the gift that God would give us….

Robert Burns, the poet said, “Oh the gift that God would give us to see ourselves as others see us.” I recall my mother imitating his brogue while quoting the great Scotsman, and... read more

Mind-Boggling momentous occasions!

Would you agree  that almost every day of our lives holds within it moments to hold dear in our memories, and  every month of the year brings with it certain... read more

The truth about the laws of attraction…

 We are told by many authors and spiritual advisors and self-help gurus that all we need to do when we want something is to focus on it intensely, to visualize it... read more

Thanks for the memories!

At the international Women’s Show at the Rock Financial Show Place again this year, my heart was warmed and my motivation to continue my work was reinforced. If I’d  ever... read more

Opinions about opinions

 Everyone seems to have an opinion  about  almost everything. Often when I ask how a person developed his or her opinion, the answer is almost always less certain than the... read more

Patience was once a virtue

 Years ago when I needed to take a respite from a project orgive myself some time alone I would get in my car and drive; driving was also a way... read more

The “F” word and other reasons to watch your language.

Many years ago when I had my own radio program, I did a show with the title,” Sex guns and violence.” In the early eighties issues of gun control were as... read more

Love on the 14th… corny thoughts and some as fresh as daisies…

Valentines day, a day to send flowers, cards with hearts all over them… give chocolates; and for some who can afford it, give diamonds and other glittery things. Have you ever wondered... read more


I wish you a wonderfully satisfying holiday season and a healthy prosperous and fulfilling 2010 and beyond.  And to make it  an extra successful and gratifying year for you , I’m going to give... read more


The old saying if you don’t use it you lose it applies to extra sensory perceptions too. As a parapsychologist with a great deal of experience researching, investigating and experimenting all... read more

Chapter Two of Meaningful Reminders

 Chapter two of meaningful reminders: The Reasons subconscious brings us certain thoughts and feelings.   Last week I left you with the “Why?” question. If you are still wondering why, let me explain... read more


During a session with a client this week, he reported “…the  powerful transformational impact of Mind Mastery on my life.” What is so interesting about this is not that it’s unusual for me to... read more

Please Ask, Please Tell

A Blog : a web log of an individual’s thoughts, experiences, opinions and ideas etc. I am told it is a sort of journaling: A way of sharing, a way... read more
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