Healing From Embarrassment


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There isn't a person in the world who hasn't experienced embarrassment. The effect of it can linger for far too long for most people, causing them to cringe at the thought of what happened and relive the upsetting experience.

That's why Dr. Kissel made this recording, to enable you to heal from the experience of embarrassment while putting those incidents in their rightful and realistic perspective. Dr.Kissel's soothing voice guides you into a tranquil state of being wherein you are set free from the embarrassing past. It also helps you respond in more positive ways to the inevitable faux pas we humans make.

20 minutes of pure relaxation and emotional healing.


Dr.Kissel explains: The experience of embarrassment all too often causes guilt, shame and a sense of humiliation that can affect self-confidence and self-esteem for many people. Fear of being embarrassed can, among other reasons, prevent people from expressing themselves; it is often one of the many reasons for the most common phobia of all, public speaking. It’s also probably one of the reasons my blogs, “Embarrassing Moments; being imperfect” is one of the most read on my site. I’ve received many emails from people telling me how embarrassment has impacted them and how the blog helped them to feel better. Yet at the same time, its obvious from the communications that they have not all healed completely. That’s why I made this recording, to enable them and you to heal from the experience of embarrassment while putting those incidents in their rightful and realistic perspective.

I invite you to go to my blog; you can access it by going to my website www.kisselhypnosis.com/blog. It is all about you, giving you insights about yourself your life, and ways to deal with life’s ups and downs, myriad challenges and many more subjects of interest.


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