Getting to Know Your Subconscious Workshop


Price: $45.00

Format: Downloadable Audio

Three hours and 45 mins of mind-expanding knowledge are imparted by Dr. Kissel in this dynamic workshop. Everything you've always needed to know that will not only help you understand and appreciate your subconscious, but it will also help you begin to employ its brilliant capabilities.


*“I was so enthralled and so well informed I feel I have a whole new understanding of myself and my mind. I feel I have grown so much since I attended the workshop. Thank you, Dr. Kissel, for an exciting and worthwhile experience.”

- Billie M. Farmington.

*“I almost missed the workshop because of schedule conflicts. I realized even after the first few minutes what a sad loss that would have been for me. I’m so glad I chose to attend. I learned so much. I now understand myself so much better. A great way to spend an afternoon.”

- Kathy B. Brighton.

*“I’m glad Dr. Kissel has made this recording available. I attended the workshop, even though I took good notes, it’s great to be able to hear Dr. Kissel speak and review everything she imparted. She has a way of making everything not just understandable, very meaningful to each person. I now know more about myself and my subconscious that is helping me in every aspect of my life.”

- Bonnie G. Detroit.

*“Well worth the time to listen, almost like being there. Enjoyable, eye-opening, entertaining as well as informative. And as always from Elaine, full of meaningful insights.”

- Martin K. Flint.

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