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  • EKHC-01-MM-Digital

    Mind Mastery: Home Study Course

    Mind Mastery has positively changed the lives of thousands of people. It teaches you how to get in control of your mind body emotions and behaviors: Life gets better, you'll get better. Get it.

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  • EKHC-05-WS-Digital

    The Weight Control Seminar

    The Weight Control Seminar. There's nothing like it available anywhere; this four week, five video series will help you break the diet and yo yo cycle forever.

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  • EKHC-03-GG-Digital

    Golf is a Mind Game!

    This hypnosis recording by Dr. Kissel has enabled amateur and professionals alike actualize their full potential on the golf course. So effective users refuse to recommend it to their competition!

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  • Sale! ekhc-12-em

    Healing From Embarrassment

    There isn't a person in the world who hasn't experienced embarrassment. The effect of it can linger for far too long for most people, causing them to cringe at the thought of what happened and relive the upsetting experience.

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  • EKHC-11-GP-Digitial

    Getting to Know Your Subconscious Workshop

    Three hours and 45 mins of mind expanding knowledge is imparted by Dr. Kissel in this dynamic workshop. Everything you've always needed to know that will not only help you understand and appreciate your subconscious, it will help you begin to employ its brilliant capabilities.

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  • EKHC-10-ME-Digital

    Motivation Explained and Regained

    This two part series explains what motivation actually is, what gets in its way and how to generate it from within. It includes a powerful hypnosis session to get you motivated and keep you motivated.

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  • EKHC-09-VN-Digital


    Participate in a workshop that teaches you all you need to know to get the most and best from your mental imagery for self improvement, for self healing and much more.

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  • EKHC-08-SS-Digitial

    Setbacks and Comebacks

    Dr. Kissel knows the frustrating effects of set backs and stuck states. In her book she explains how to overcome those challenging situations and come back stronger. This book is downloadable.

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  • 978-09763524-0-2-MIW

    The Mind Is Willing – Signed Paperback

    D.Kissel's incredibly powerful and life changing book is your practical guide to getting in control of your mind body emotions an behaviors.

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  • EKHC-07-SC-Digital

    Self-Hypnosis Home Study Course

    Become your own hypnotist with Dr. Kissel's expert guidance and training. Once learned this skill will help you achieve your personal goals, naturally and independently.

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  • EKHC-06-AM-Digital

    The Amazing Exercise Motivation

    At times it's hard to get started and keep going, right? NO MORE! With this three session hypnosis program you will really feel like exercising and actually want to keep it up.

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  • EKHC-04-CR-Digital

    The Children’s Relaxation

    Yes, kids need to learn to relax too. A relaxed child is a happier child. Parents love this recording as much as their children. It settles the young ones down while it teaches them how to relax in general.

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  • EKHC-02-RR-Digital

    Remarkable Relaxation Experience

    Scientifically and experientially proven to create therapeutic and sustainable relaxed states. A beautiful way to unwind, plus just remembering this relaxation experience will relax you. Two different relaxation sessions to enjoy.

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