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Welcome to my website, and thank you for your interest.

As you look through it to find out what’s in it for you, and review the comprehensive information posted on my site, I’m confident that you’ll see why my Whole Mind approach will get you the outcomes you seek for yourself. It has made me an internationally recognized leader in the field of hypnotherapy, and well known for getting results when all else has failed.

I have over 160,000 hours of clinical hypnotherapy experience to put to work for you! I’m the creator of The Mind Mastery Course, Weight Control Seminar, my books, The Mind is Willing, Setbacks and Comebacks, and many unique self improvement processes and products. I also conduct workshops that are designed to help people to explore and actualize their potential in an experiential way. My blogs and newsletters provide education and insight into the mind body connection and ways to enhance your health and life. I create for each individual client what is necessary to facilitate permanent positive change and healing.

Book your evaluation with Dr. Kissel today.

The first step is to book your evaluation with Elaine so that you are able to get to know each other and Elaine can create your personalized hypnotherapy process.

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Whole Mind Hypnotherapy

During the all important and necessary evaluation I will learn what is the best hypnotherapeutic approach for you and how much hypnotherapy you will need. I will design a program for you with the utmost care and consideration for you as an individual, and for cost effectiveness; also to include all viable, natural techniques in order for you to achieve your goals as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Your individualized Whole Mind Hypnotherapy© process includes: workbooks (when applicable), recordings of each hypnotic induction, self hypnosis training, the self hypnosis support system, along with education about hypnosis you will be taught how to be a good hypnotic subject and how to support the hypnotherapeutic process.

Your sessions will include insight gathering, problem solving, guidance, support, counseling, nurturing, and whatever else it takes to assure your success easily and naturally. Once you are her client you have Dr. Kissel’s total commitment to you and your success. She will be there for you as needed to assist you in making changes comfortably. You may call her or email her when you need some extra help between sessions.

Dr. Kissel helps people all over the world via Skype, FaceTime, and other long distance media. So you can receive her help no matter where you are located, and in the comfort and privacy of your own home. It saves valuable time and travel expense and eliminates problems with traffic and/or problematic weather conditions.

“Had I known how wonderfully effective Dr. Kissel’s help would be from so far away I would have contacted her long before I did. I could have saved myself a lot of pain and frustration seeking help locally. I don’t know how she managed to make me feel I was in the same room with her, but she did. Her warmth and connectedness was as brilliant as her methods. The results have been satisfying to say the least.”

– Dianna Margolis, Denver Colorado.

“I got thousands of dollars worth of insight during the evaluation. I’ve spent years and lots of money with therapists who never seemed to get it. Dr. Kissel clued in right away. It was a marvelous experience to sit with someone who didn’t label me or recite the usual psychological mumbo jumble. I never felt pressure, just a sense of confidence I was with the right person to help me. And she did in more ways than I expected. It was a fulfilling experience with many very gratifying outcomes.”

– Marion McCormic, Cleveland Ohio.

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